Leeds Vineyard


You are invited to join in with the Leeds Vineyard family for a special time of prayer and fasting. We start 2015 with the Lord speaking to us about new things: the new things He is going to do in us and through us. Doing new things is what God is good at - redeeming life out of death and hope out of destruction, bringing a new creation.

Here's the schedule for prayer.

Each day this week, starting on Monday 5 January, we have a  scripture on which to meditate. You may like to use Lectio Divina - it is a great way to open your heart and mind to what God is saying.

And then each day there are suggested prayers for ourselves and for the church by way of response to the scriptures (your response may be different).

The theme is “I am doing a new thing” and the notes take you through a process over the week of preparing yourself for a new thing and then discovering what that might be and finishing with the great hope of the Christian faith for when God creates a new heaven and a new earth.

There aren't specific items listed but you may wish to consider the following as you pray:

  • Vineyard Kids and T4:12 (the young people) settling at HMC
  • Students returning to Leeds after the holidays
  • Headingley Methodist congregation and their minister Tim Boocock
  • The launch of weekly worship at seven
  • The Doing the Stuff conference on 13 & 14 March with Robby Dawkins
  • Our outreach into Headingley: to the local businesses, schools, homes for the elderly, praying on the streets etc
  • Alpha at Costa Coffee
  • The Vine: the Debt Advice Centre and Child Contact Centre
  • Housegroups all round the city
  • Those among us who are living with serious illnesses and difficulties
  • The Leadership Group and Staff team

I recommend fasting as a way to add significant "bite" to your prayer life. Fasting is about foregoing things that bring us pleasure and comfort and which satisfy our needs - in order to be able to hear God better and bring our prayers to him with fewer encumbarnces. You may go without food for a period or stop a particular pastime for a while. For ideas about fasting click here.

As you pray and as you meditate on these verses about God's new things the Lord may well speak to you with words for the church community as a whole. I would love you to share these by responding to this article.