Leeds Vineyard

Spiritual Practices 

We have grouped these practices into 4 main areas: Love God, Love People, Love in Action and Thrive.
Spiritual Practices
Love God is about reaching up and making our lives Christ-centred. It is making our relationship with Jesus higher, wider, deeper. Higher through worship - through our lifestyles as well as specific times of worship. Wider through prayer, in talking and listening to God, stretching our faith. Deeper through immersing ourselves in the bible. Doing all these both together and alone.
Modules: Worship & Prayer; Engage with the Bible

Love People is about making connections. As we choose to connect ourselves to a loving church based community, we get to see God at work transforming our lives. We learn to develop healthy, life giving relationships within church enabling us to develop the same with those in our communities. 
Modules: Relationships; Doing Church

Love in Action is about doing what Jesus did in our community and beyond. It is making our lives gospel focussed - aware of what God has done for me and what he has done for others. We ask the Holy Spirit to impact the way we work, the way we relate to friends and family, to our neighbours, strangers, how we spend our rest times. We reach out beyond our circle of comfort, taking risks for God's kingdom. Together as a community and alone in our individual lives.
Modules: Reach Out; Naturally Supernatural

Thrive is about using what God has given us to the full. Living a Christ-centred, church based and gospel focussed life in combination. It is allowing God fully into every area of our lives and our worlds. Allowing God to change our mind and influence our decisions and actions in every area, every moment, every day for the rest of our lives. As we live our lives for Jesus, we begin to build a vision for our lives, for who we are and what we're here for. We realise that our Money, our Time, our Bodies, our World all belong to God - so how can we worship him all these areas? 
Modules: Looking after it; Who I am and what I'm for