Leeds Vineyard

Ideas for fasting 

Fasting is about choosing to go without something that would otherwise satisfy an appetite or bring comfort. It can be different things for different people and take place in different times and for different lengths of time. Sometimes just for a day – or maybe a week or longer. Here are some of the ways people have told me that they fast. Some do various combinations. Ask the Lord to speak to you about what would be good for you to fast:

1. Go without food for a day or more;
2. Miss a meal each day;
3. Go without a particular type of food: chocolate, desserts, meat, second helpings;
4. Go without particular drinks: fizzy drinks or coffee & tea or alcohol;
5. Turn off the TV, or computer, or tablet … or smart phone;
6. No computer games for a week or a month;
7. Sleep on the floor for a week – not in your comfy bed;
8. Stop smoking;
9. Go without sex for a week or a month;
10. Leave the car at home for a week or a month;
11. Stop your fitness regime or dance classes for a fortnight;
12. Log out of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a ….. month?