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How can I give or get involved?    

Just as the boy brought five loaves and two fish to Jesus for Him to do amazing things with, so there are various ways we can bring what little we have and see what amazing things happen with Vineyard House.

You can bring your time, skills, resources. You can pray and you can give:

Beef it up with Brian - projects for 2022

  1. The Studio – decorate & refresh (Jon & Helen Grayson)
    Let's make it a clean, attractive space for youth and others to enjoy.
  2. Refresh Vineyard House – garden & planters & borders (Mark Burgess & Elaine Sadler)
    The garden around the back, the shrubbery and borders and the planters all need tending. It makes such a difference when they look good.
  3. The Big Office – partitioning & remodelling (Anne Button)
    Re-organising the main office so that our tenants and our own staff have a good working environment.
  4. Kitchen – hot water, new units, better catering (needs a project leader)
    We need a hygienic, functioning kitchen to be able to offer hospitality to people using Vineyard House. 
  5. Toilets – redecorate (needs a project leader)
    It would be great to make a visit to the loo a more charming experience.
  6. Prayer room – replace ceiling tiles, refresh (needs a project leader)
    A team have already decorated this room but the ceiling tiles need replacing and maybe a rug and cushions to brighten it up.
  7. Outside doors, external lights and CCTV – (needs a project leader)
    It's important that visitors feel safe and so we need to improve the lighting and instal CCTV (and see what strange things go on around the building!). This work needs to be done hand-in-hand with our architect and the city planners.
Please use the form below to let us know how you would like to help - what loaves and fishes you can bring. We particularly need project leaders to coordinate and lead these individual tasks.



We would love to invite you to pray - pray on your own and pray with each other. Prayer is crucial because the vision we have been given for Vineyard House is beyond our own capacity. We need to pray for the ongoing restoration, for funding and for a spiritual cleansing from any dark times in its past.
If you would like to join in with others, please use the form below and we'll let you know when and where we are praying.
If you lead a small group, why don't you bring them to Vineyard House one week and spend some time praying together.

Here's a prayer we spoke over the building at a leaders' meeting in 2018.


The purchase of Vineyard House has been made available due to the generosity of the church community. We are now raising money so that we have funds to renovate the building. If you would like to join us in our vision for Vineyard House and feel able to give to the project, follow the link below.

To give now:

You can make a one-off gift or a regular gift starting whenever you wish:

  1. Through Stewardship
  2. From your Charity account (e.g. Stewardship or CAF) - nominate Leeds Vineyard Steps
  3. Direct transfer to the Leeds Vineyard 'Steps' bank account. Please email giving@leedsvineyard.org for the bank details. If you are a taxpayer please ensure you make a Gift Aid Declaration.  



I'd like to get involved:

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