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One of the best ways to get connected at Leeds Vineyard is to join a Small Group. It's great and important to be part of the larger crowd assembled on Sundays, but we also all need a smaller group of people with whom we can do life together, care for one another and grow in discipleship. From its earliest days, when the church met together it would gather in both small groups and larger settings (see Acts 2, verse 46), the two complementing one another.
Whether you are asking questions about faith or life, looking to make friends, or are a committed follower of Jesus, we hope that you will find a small group to get involved in. Small Groups run on a term by term basis, with some running for one term only and others continuing the following term. We open sign up for all groups three times a year.

The summer term will run from:
Monday 23rd April - Friday 27th July

Activity groups provide the opportunity to make friends, have fun and do something with people who are interested in a similar activity.
Explore groups are courses which mostly run for one term and offer you the chance to learn something new in an area that interests you.
Growth groups offer a place to share life, explore the bible, worship together, pray for each other and reach out to those around us.
If you’re a student joining a small group is a great way to be known, get to know each other, and grow in faith together. Student groups are aimed at your life stage, but you are welcome to join any all age groups you like.
If you're aged 11 - 18 there are activities happening for you each week, including Activity, Explore and Growth groups - places to invite your friends and safe spaces to encounter Jesus.

Missed sign up? 
No problem! You can get involved in a small group at any time during the year. Please get in touch if you want to join in. 0113 230 2139 or

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