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Follow Me 

Jesus reached out his hand to the most unlikely suspects and said “Follow me”. They weren’t qualified or ready but Jesus chose them and they spent the next three years close beside him as apprentices, becoming disciples, followers of Jesus Christ, followers of the way, learning to follow. During 2020 we’ll be doing the same. Learning to follow. Broadly speaking we will start with learning how to “Be with Jesus”, then we’ll focus on “Becoming like Jesus” and that will result in “Doing what Jesus does”!

Over the course of the year we’ll be adding resources for small groups and for you to use on your own.

Rev. Francis and Elaine Wainaina | 13.09.20
David Flowers | 23.08.20
Ele Mumford | 16.08.20
David Flowers | 09.08.20
Dr Darren Evans | 02.08.20
David Flowers | 26.07.20
Helen Hicks | 19.07.20
Anne Button | 12.07.20
Liz Harden | 05.07.20
David Wallace | 28.06.20
Sarah Byde | 21.06.20
David Flowers | 07.06.20
Sally Wallace | 10.05.20
David Flowers | 03.05.20
Anne Button | 26.04.20
David Flowers | 12.04.20


Reflections, questions and prompts for Small Groups
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