We are a church (we like to call it a community of faith, a group of people who follow Jesus) based in Leeds but gathering people from around the region. To find out more, you could look at our vision and values, look at the photo gallery or the intro video, find out about our beginnings, our links with Vineyard Churches UK or read some personal stories of our experiences of God at work in our lives.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go
We're hard-wired for work, aren't we? Plus news of up and coming events. More ...
David Flowers
The next Discovering Vineyard 4 week course starts on 3 September
"It's a must, it sets the scene and lets you know the basis behind how things are done"..."An excellent way of learning about the bus, its route and deciding whether or not you want to get on!" Discovering Vineyard is a 4 week course - book here. More ...
David Flowers
An update from The Vine 
“Let me know what I can do to repay the favour... It’s the least that I can do, after all you have done for me...” Over the last couple of weeks this has become a common theme as I speak to clients of the Vine. More ...
Pete Sammons
A Question about Work 
A new teaching series in September - I need your story! More ...
David Flowers
shift music
School's out for summer
Shift the music meets every few weeks in a small rehearsal studio on Mabgate. We normally do covers of pop songs but one week recently we all forgot our music and decided to write our own song instead. This is the result - have a listen More ...
Jos McLaren and Ian Harden
The Antidote to Loneliness
You too can be part of the Kingdom battle against loneliness. More ...
David Flowers
Colour ripple - sxc
Sanctuary - for the renewal and refreshing of our church community
A description of what the Sanctuary (Sunday evenings) is about. More ...
David Flowers
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Come as you are... you are welcome. Full stop. You don't have to dress up or be any particular age. You can bring kids or come on your own. You don't have to be in good health, or employed and we don't mind who you voted for. You can come from any background, culture or race.

Sunday 7 September
10:45amWeekly worship
Join us from 10.40am for a cup of good coffee or tea, to catch up with friends or to get to know some new people before our service begins at 11.00am. All ages welcome and provided for.
Venue: Headingley Methodist Church
An hour in which we wait on God - we worship, think, pray, intercede, meditate. Please come in by the side door on Chapel Street. It is locked at 7.30pm so please ring the bell if you are late.
Venue: Headingley Methodist Church
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During the week you can visit one of the housegroups which meet weekly in homes across the region, and often organise local Reach Out activities. Also check out the special pages for children, young people, men, women and for students and young adultsYou are welcome just to turn up at any of these events - do check the calendar for dates and venue maps.
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Also...  Read or listen to recordings of recent talks.  Read some personal stories of our experiences of God at work in our lives.

The Prodigal Son - A Tale of Grace
James looks at the parable of the Prodigal Son, asking how we would respond to God's amazing Grace. More ...
James Garvican
God Uses You This article has associated audio
If it weren't amazing enough that God loves me .. he also intends to use me, and you, to do his work on planet earth. David shares four ways to join in with God's work. More ...
David Flowers
Short Prayers Count This article has associated audio
David teaches on how prayer changes us. How everyone is different in the way they pray and how we can become prayerful simply by letting the normal events and feelings in our lives become wood for the fire of prayer. More ...
David Flowers
Pie Chart Sunday 2014
David reviews the church's finances for the last year and invites us to commit ourselves to the church and our vision once again. More ...
David Flowers
Psalm 84 - A Home Near the Altar This article has associated audio
How close is your nest to the altar, to the presence of God? What sort of condition is your nest in? David imagines the worship of King Jehosophat in Psalm 84. More ...
David Flowers
Romans 1:17-20 God reveals himself in the gospelThis article has associated audio
We can tell what God is like from creation and his general revelation. We get to know him through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without him wrath, with him, righteousness. More ...
David Flowers