Our Priorities The Vineyard Person - new

Priorities are the things that are done on a regular basis, not only talked about. They are the things that are immediately seen, not only advertised. Priorities give visible form to what we value and believe. They are the actual things we do in terms of investing our time, energy and money – they can be measured by these criteria.

The things we actually do reveal what our priorities really are – whatever we say. When the following things are happening we know the Vineyard is in its groove!
We are created to worship and our desire is to make it easy for you to worship the God who created you and loves you (Revelation 4:11). There are many ways to worship and we love to encourage creativity. In particular we are known for contemporary music: singing songs of intimacy which draw us into the presence of God, opening our hearts to His mercy and our lives to His healing.
The Bible
Sometimes we seek inspiration from the scriptures; sometimes comfort, sometimes counsel and direction, or sometimes a “help” resource. The Bible is God’s love letter to us, one of the main ways in which He tells us His story and guides us in the ways we should live and what to believe. We believe the bible is true and essential for faith and for living a fulfilled and effective  life. We study and teach the bible all the time!
It’s an old-fashioned word but has timeless appeal. The Greek word is koinonia which means sharing the common life (Acts 2:44-47). We start with intimacy with God in worship, then, based on the bible, we can share life, hang out, chilling, partying, being friends, eating, drinking, laughing, crying, supporting each other. As we do life together we know and are known, we love and are loved.
To the sick, the lost, the poor.
The value of the individual and the value of healing are given visible expression through ministry. We believe every follower of Jesus is in fulltime ministry (Ephesians 4:12). Ministry to the sick is holistic in that it seeks a person’s total well-being. We pray for healing for each other and that naturally spills out into the community in the form of power evangelism,  compassion and generosity.
Jesus’ ringing final command to “Go” (Matthew 28:29) echoes in our ears and so we often find ourselves sending people out on the Mission of God. Sending comes from worship, goes through training and ends up in missions (Isaiah 6:1-8). It’s an expression of the Kingdom. Some go abroad on mission, some plant churches, some commit themselves to the secular workplace and some to serving in their community.
Training & Equipping
Ephesians 4:12 instructs us to equip and train those who are doing the ministry. Another word we use is “discipleship”. This is a form of apprenticeship. Everyone gets to play which means we want to train you not just spiritually but also in life skills and life-craft. To help you find your gifting and your passion and equip you to grow as a follower of Jesus.