Leeds Vineyard

New Here?

You are very welcome and we look forward to meeting you. You are invited to visit us on a Sunday and then come along to a Newcomers' Zoom if you'd like to find out more. If you'd like to stick around then Discovering Vineyard is a great place to ask questions, dig a little deeper into who we are and what we are about before you go on to choose a Small Group to join.

You can tell us who you are here and then we can keep in touch with you, show you how you can make this your church home and get to know people. You can rest assured that we take data security seriously - here's a link to our privacy statement.

Whether you are already following Jesus or are interested in finding out about this Christianity thing, whether you are sceptical and doubting or enthusiastically looking for a new community - you're welcome.

Our purpose is to nurture change-makers - so if you want to learn how to make a difference in the world then we're here to encourage, train and equip you in doing so. If you just need somewhere to heal up from physical, emotional, relationship or spiritual hurt and loss then we're here to provide comfort and prayer. If you are looking for a church family to do life with, please check us out.

We believe that we find salvation and our true purpose when we worship Jesus, that we are nurtured in the presence of His Holy Spirit and that as we learn to follow Him we can get put back together. It doesn't matter where you are at, come as you are, you're welcome.