Leeds Vineyard


Often we read that Jesus had compassion  - Matthew 9:36 “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them…”. Combined with obedience it seems to be the main driver behind his ministry. Our hope is to express Jesus' heart of mercy and demand for justice to a broken world.  As a church, we expect the Lord to fill us with his compassion, which means we take action and live out our vision of ministering to the poor in practical ways!


A space where adults with multiple and complex needs can find friendship, food and faith.
We're working with Your Local Pantry to open a food pantry in Vineyard House in early 2023.
The Child Contact Centre provides a safe, friendly and neutral place for children to meet their non-resident parent or family member.
Here is where you can find out ways to give help and get help.
We want to play our part in going and 'winning Headingley for the Kingdom'.
Jesus taught us to go make disciples of all nations. At Leeds Vineyard we are passionate about working alongside people from all backgrounds across the globe.