Leeds Vineyard

We Love Headingley    

Having moved to Headingley in 2013 we have sought to make it our home and our hub, to reach out with compassion to those around us. 

Here are some of the ways we currently serve the community of Headingley:

  • Every Sunday morning at 11.00am we open our doors for public worship in a contemporary, welcoming style;
  • We run a Child Contact Centre service every fortnight, reuniting children of separated parents with their non-resident parent;
  • Prayer Walks - praying around the streets, for people, businesses, community groups, churches, cafes and bars;
  • Youth groups meeting every week, in Vineyard House and Headingley Methodist Church;
  • Healing on the Streets - offering prayer to anyone who would like it, on the second Saturday of every month outside the Arndale Centre;
  • We run Alpha courses in Vineyard House - a chance for people to explore faith in a relaxed, any-question-welcomed, environment;
As Vineyard House becomes established we will serve the community in many, many more ways.